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Website accessibility

The Features website has been constructed to enable access to it via modem and slow connection as well as fast broadband. I have minimised the use of images to one logo per page (except for the Acknowledgements page which contains several logos), a few small images in places of bullet points, and very occasionally a figure or diagram which accompanies the text. Apart from these, everything else can get indexed and read via a speaking browser. I have provided alternative text for images and tables.

The Features website does not use frames. (If the issue of frames is new to you, type 'why frames are bad' into any search engine to find out.)

All pages have been created with simple HTML code and should have high browser compatibility. Please let me know of any glitches (experienced on any browser or platform) that have escaped my attention.

Currently, I am aware of one technical problem:

  • Firefox for Mac has a problem with printing: it prints only the top of the webpage (the navigation bar, breadcrumbs, and the horizontal line) on the first sheet, and begins printing the content of the page on the second sheet. Although (as designed) it does not print the content of the left hand margin, it does not reduce the size of that margin.

I would be very grateful for advice on how to solve this problem.

I aim to validate all pages for correct HTML with and for accessibility with I will be doing this periodically, in between updates.



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