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The present version of the Features website was constructed as an extension to the project undertaken in the Surrey Morphology Group entitled "Grammatical features: a key to understanding language", funded by the ESRC (grant number RES-051-27-0122). This support is gratefully acknowledged.

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Special thanks are due to Dunstan Brown and Matthew Baerman, our colleagues from the Surrey Morphology Group, who have acted as our consultants.

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Many thanks to all who responded to our query regarding morphosyntactic features, posted on the LAGB circulation list (13 Feb 2007) and the LINGUIST List (14 Feb 2007), with valuable comments, data and references:

  • Peter Austin
  • Benjamin Bruening
  • Andrew Castairs-McCarthy
  • Roberta D'Alessandro
  • Wolfgang Dressler
  • Elena Filimonova
  • Daniel Hole
  • Janne Bondi Johannessen
  • Brian Ó Curnáin
  • Peter Patrick
  • Heidi Quinn
  • Michael Riessler
  • Wolfgang Schulze
  • Herb Stahlke
  • Vesna Stojanovik
  • K.V. Subbarao
  • Pius ten Hacken
  • Carol Tenny
  • Hedde Zeijlstra

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Picture credit: the image of the "flag" has been used by kind permission of The Why Files and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Last but not least, a great many thanks to Helen Sargan, Marcus Hember, and Miles Hember for sharing their technical expertise.

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