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How to cite the Features website

For your convenience, we have included information about how to cite the Features website on every page of the website. It can be found in a yellow box at the bottom of each page and it contains information specific to the page on which it is found.

Our recommendation is based on the Modern Language Association's (MLA) Style Guide concerning WWW sites:


Author's name. "Title of webpage." Website Name. Date of internet publication. Complete URL.


The date of internet publication is the date the content of the webpage was last updated. It can be found at the bottom of each page. Date of access may also be added optionally.

In the text of a paper, works found on the Web are cited just like printed works. However, web documents generally do not have fixed page numbers and only sometimes have section numbering. If the webpage lacks numbering, you cannot cite numbers when you borrow from it. If the webpage includes section numbering, cite the relevant numbers, giving the appropriate abbreviation before the number (e.g. sect. 1; or §1).

For a document on the Web, the page numbers of a printout should normally not be cited, because the pagination may vary in different printouts. An exception is PDF files, which appear with the same pagination on all systems.


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