Anna Kibort


Research interests

  • morphosyntax and morphosemantics, in particular the issues of valency and transitivity, grammatical relations, argument coding, modelling operations on argument structure
  • linguistic typology, with special focus on grammatical features and featural dependencies such as syntactic agreement and government
  • descriptive Polish and Slavonic linguistics, in particular topics regarding grammatical voice, impersonal constructions, tense and aspect
  • computational implementation of LFG formal grammar, in particular the handling of lexical relatedness, argument alternations, and the semantic annotation of the verbal lexicon

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  • undergraduate: Introduction to Grammatical Analysis, Introduction to Syntax, Introduction to Morphology, Advanced Syntax, Advanced Morphology, Contemporary Syntactic Theory, Structure of Polish, Structure and History of Polish, Linguistic Projects
  • postgraduate: Contemporary Syntactic Theory, advanced topics in Syntax and Morphosyntax, Introduction to Lexical-Functional Grammar, Argument Structure and Lexical Mapping Theory, Modelling Argument Alternations, advanced topics in Structure of Polish
  • postgraduate research: impersonal constructions in Slavonic, case in Polish and Russian, argument structure and case licensing, copular constructions, non-configurationality

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